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MHS Winter and Spring 2017 Winners, upcoming shows, new programs and much more.

Hello all of you in Scenesters Land! As our first post of 2017, let us first welcome everyone into the new year and share our gratitude for all of you Scenetsers out there. We have had a busy year so far, already conducting two Youth Concert Series events as expanding our horizons with new programs and content created by MHS participating musicians. Special thanks to Herman's Hideaway and for all they have done to keep our organization growing. We couldn't do it without you!

Now that we have said hello, its time to get you up to speed. First of all, MHS successfully hosted our 2017 winter event, Jan Jam, on January 21st and it was a wonderful success!! All of the bands that participated rocked the house and our summer champs "The Irrelevance" rocked the house. The winners of the show were non other than 'Over the Castle", a previous winner from 2016 with a new singer and a phenomenal groove. With the help of board member Grampa Boots (aka Will) and the Walking Music Mobile Studio, we were able to produce, mix and release an original song with the participating bands from scratch. The song is available on our SOUNDCLOUD page and can be downloaded for free HERE. Over all, the show was phenomenal and a great way to launch us into 2017. Thanks again to our volunteers and all the parents and fans that participated. And congratulations again to Over the Castle, our first multiple time champion.

Next, we also successfully hosted our 2017 Spring Event, Spring Into Your Step, on April 2nd, and once again, there was a great crowd and the bands that competed really set the bar high. Kudos to Audry and Sophie, Evergreen Middle School eighth graders that, not only emceed the show and helped us with all facets of our operation, but also performed as "2 Girls, 6 Strings," to open the show. Great job ladies!!! We appreciate your help. After another round of heated competition, the champion of the show was neo-punk band Mantle. Congratulations guys. You really put on a great show and thank you to all the parents and participants. You truly rocked the house!!!

Finally, the Denver Blues Society, Stoney's and MHS are hosting an all ages, all skill level OPEN BLUES JAM the last Sunday of each month at Stoney's Barbecue in downtown Denver from 2-6pm. Come enjoy some of the cities best ribs and listen to some good old fashion blues. Interested musicians can get more information HERE.

As the new year progresses, we are putting the finishing touches on some new projects and are busy planing a show for the summer, so keep up to speed at our newly updated website, and check back for updates as they arrive. Also, keep an eye out for the latest in our Championship Video Series featuring "The Irrelevance" as well as an original song produced with the ladies from "Over the Castle" very soon. We are having a great year so far and sincerely wish the same to all of you.

Best regards,

Mile High Scenesters Board

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