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Blue Mountain Chapter

Kingston, Jamaica
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In the summer of 2018 the time was ripe to test the international efficacy of our mobile youth production programs.  With the help of many friends, we were able to conduct a five day music camp with some local youth in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica using the Give Them Music Box.  The results were undeniable (see links below).  We were able to arrange and produce two full length songs and the participants all got a chance to work with the instruments and the suitcase.  



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For those of you unfamiliar with all aspects of the Mile High Scenesters, an integral part of what makes us who we are is the ability to create and record music/video anywhere in the world through the Give Them Music Box.

As the GTMusic Box became ready for international travel in the summer of 2018, Will and Chad from the Scenesters board went to Jamaica. They put on a 5 day music camp with seven children from a Rasta community in the Blue Mountains of St. Andrew and were able to complete production on 2 songs and 2 music videos.  

Your donations will go to furthering our efforts at home and abroad using the GTMusic Box with children.  

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