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Meet Mile High Scenesters' Freshest Intern

Hi! I'm Cody. That's me in the picture over there with the ever-amazing Chris Thomas. I just started working with the Mile High Scenesters and I am very excited to learn and contribute to this wonderful organization.

The Mile High Scenesters like to keep busy, and as it turns out, that is not a difficult thing to do.

So I reached out to them to see if they needed help, and luckily they had a position open for an intern! The second I started talking to the Scenesters crew when I came to Herman's Hideaway I was sure we would be a perfect match. I am glad they felt the same way!

I currently study Music Business and Recording Arts at CU Denver. I am scheduled to graduate in Spring 2018. I am in a band called Deep Waves with some of the people I've met as a student. I live, breathe, and love music. I'm a big believer in the youth's impact on the musical culture of our future. As someone who has played in bands since being a twelve-year-old, I understand how it is. Being in a band at a young age comes with all sorts of accompanying thrills, chills, and challenges. I look forward to working with these bands, helping them gain exposure, and hopefully our involvement with them can be the start of much more greatness to come. From what I've seen so far, the MHS team is bursting with the drive, motivation, and optimism towards the future that I identify with. It is a privilege to be working with these like-minded individuals, and I also am excited to be working with all of the forward thinking young artists that the Scenesters are here to find.

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