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Scenesters are going to Jamaica!

Hello everyone in Scenesters Land!!! We have an exciting announcement to make: The Scenesters are going to JAMAICA!!!!! As many of you know, MHS board member Will has been working on a mobile music production program for the last few years. He designed a studio that fits in a suitcase called the Give Them Music Box and has been testing it out with some of our MHS bands as well as many other musicians around the Denver Metro area (to see some of what the Give Them Music Box can do check out As one of the primary drivers behind creating the Box was to make it feasible to work with children in remote and underserved areas of the world, we are happy to share with all of you the following:

First, the Get Them Music Box is ready for travel and Will and Chad will be going to Jamaica fully equipped on August 1. We will be working with children in the Blue Mountains of St. Andrew and St. Thomas in furtherance of establishing an official Scenesters Jamaica Chapter with in the next year. Our goal is to create as many songs and videos with the children as we are able (since they happen to be on summer vacation, we are planning on returning with a TON of inspiring content).

Second, we have officially launched a fundraising campaign around the trip that will go on throughout our time in Jamaica. We will be live updating our progress along the way and sharing some of the content we create in real time. Please come to the Mile High Scenesters Summer Bash on August 19th (see poster below) to get a live update from Will in the Blue Mountains and preview some of the music that we will be creating. Also, please watch and share the video below for a full description of our trip and the intentions behind it.

Third, we need your support to keep the wheels turning. As a solid foundation, MHS as relied on you, our friends and followers to keep sharing the music with these deserving children. Please DONATE HERE as much or as little as you can afford. If you would like to talk further or have any questions, please contact

MHS would so genuinely like to thank the Rock it Forward Fund and Youth On Record for working together on raising funds in December. We couldn't have planned any of this without your involvement and we are deeply grateful.

The Scenesters has big plans for our next phase. We will be ramping up for much more to come over the next month so please keep in touch for updates.

Music for LIFE!!!!!

Mile High Scenesters

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