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Spring Forward and other News

Hello all of you in Scenesters land! We hope all of you are busy enjoying the beautiful Colorado spring. Congratulations to Soul Confluence for winning our spring showcase. We look forward to having you back to rock the house at our summer concert (date TBD soon). The show was great top to bottom and we would like to give a special thanks to Sometime Soon and the other guest MC's from Evergreen Middle School for doing such a fantastic job keeping the place rocking!

We have been quite busy since our show last month and are excited about the progress we are making not only as an organization, but also in regard to helping all these talented kiddos hone their musical chops. We have been producing songs and videos with various Scenesters alum including our previous two winners Wake the Bat and Over the Castle. We have also started working with local Denver charity The WICK ( to produce music with other youth performers. Things are turning up in Scenesters' land! Thank you for all your support!

Enjoy the video for "Not Important" by Wake the Bat, our first finished product! Please share if you dig it.

Happy Tuesday from MHS!

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